Movies I recommend

Last updated: February 7, 2021

Tucker and Dale vs Evil2010Tucker and Dale go on a vacation to their cabin in the woods but they won’t get any rest.
Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel2009Talking about time travel in a pub can have surprising effects.
Defiance2008The true story of the four Bielski brothers who helped fleeing Polish Jews from the German war machine.
Gattaca1997What are you willing to do to make your dreams come true?
Brexit2019The true story of the Brexit.
The World’s End2013An epic pub crawl.
Red Sparrow2018A cold war espionage story.
Sometimes in April2005Based on real events, the genocide in Rwanda in April 1994.
Citizen X1995The true story of how a serial killer was hunted in soviet Russia.
The Road2009A father and son cross a post-apocalyptic land.
Damilola, Our Loved Boy2016
The true story of a father seeking justice after his son was murdered.
Idiocracy2006A possible future for mankind.
The Lobster2015A future in which you have to find a partner in 45 days or you’ll be turned into an animal.
Rescue Dawn2006The survival story of a US fighter pilot taken down during the Vietnam War.
Good Bye Lenin!2003The story of a son trying to protect his mother after she wakes up from a coma in 1990.
Harmonium2016Just released from prison, a man is given a second chance by an old friend.
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring2003A Buddhist monk raises a boy on a temple floating on water.
The Way2010A father decides to finish the journey his son started.
Melancholia2011Earth is about to be destroyed in a collision with a mysterious new planet.
Passengers2016A colonizing spaceship has a malfunction before arriving at the destination.
10 Cloverfield Lane2016A woman is being held in a shelter, after being rescued from a car accident.
Interstellar2014The world is covered in dust and almost out of food. An expedition is sent through a wormhole to find a new planet suitable for life.
Shot Caller2017After being responsible for a car accident a man is sent to prison. His life gets on a downward spiral from there on.
What dreams may come1998A man goes through hell (literally) to save his wife.
Labor Day2013
After breaking out of prison, a man hides in Adele’s house.